The Rob and Laura Petrie of conservative politics return. This week, they noodle on Chik-fil-a, Ryan Lochte versus Tim Tebow, 100 days out, dubious polls, VPs, tis week’s “Fight of The Week”, and just how good is pretty good?

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    That intro music is tremendous. From the first note we’re instantly transported into a bad 80s music video…and yet, we can’t help but enjoy the silliness of it. 

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    Molly, you ask a pretty interesting question, but that’s pretty much all I have to say about it.

    Addendum question: If, during your next family argument, your husband suggests that you “get that through your pretty little head”, is he suggesting:

    A) That your cranium, while attractive, is perhaps deficient in grey matter, or

    B) That your head is fairly small, or

    C) That he would very much enjoy sleeping on the couch for a fortnight?

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    For whatever reason, the file doesn’t download, for me.  It goes to 99% complete, then stalls.  I suppose I will have to carve out a block of time and sit next to my PC to listen to it there, which prevents me from splooshing about in the rain and putting critters to bed.

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    I seemed to download as normal ok. (Firefox winxp)

    Podcast played fine.

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    It’s not anti-gay; it’s simply pro-reality.

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    Your marital fight is now going on in my head, because I can’t make up my mind about “pretty good” and it bugs me.  I think I’ve heard it both ways, to be honest.  It has to do with the tone of voice and the emphasis: sometimes it just means “fairly good” or sometimes it’s an understated way of emphasizing “good.”

    Mollie, on the VP pick  — I’d agree if we were talking about someone like Haley or Martinez or even Rubio.  I’m not really worried about Ryan getting the “Palin treatment”, though.  There’s a big difference between a relatively inexperienced governor from Alaska who is new to the national stage, and an influential member of the House who has the Republican leadership and rank-and-file behind his proposals, and who’s been on TV every other week for the past two years

    The VP pick might not matter much, or it might help determine the future of the pay for a generation.  So rather than telling Romney we don’t care,  surely we should argue for some conservative heavy-hitter who could pull weight in Washington, not a “token” who can be marginalized.

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    Re: pretty good…

    I can’t really give a definitive answer as I tend to understate things for emphasis. Of course, the emphasis is lost on people who don’t understand the technique. This does cause marital strife in my home because when my wife asks for my opinion she prefers to get it straight rather than having to decipher my comment.

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    The highest praise I give is: “I approve.”  My wife is happy when I eat 2 servings of dinner.  I just am not good with giving or receiving praise.  Maybe its because I come from the more subdued stoic rural protestant stock.

    Pretty good is an enhancement of good.  In the grey scale of good its at the higher end.

     It makes her happy when I have a second helping of dinner too.  So I engineer my plates by how hungry I am…..

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    I think you can retire the ‘reluctant to do this’ schtick now. Even if it’s true, unless you let us in on the bet you lost to be doing this it’s just not entertaining.

    The rest of the podcast was pretty good, though.

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    Hooray for using my favorite song ever at the end of the cast–Little Feat’s Dixie Chicken. Pretty good has always carried the context (for me) of “better than I expected.”. As in, you surpassed my fairly low expectations.

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    I am glad you raked that swimmer Lochte and his mom over the coals. The mom really taught her son well that woman are sluts who are just there to serve his carnal pleasures. One can add the women who throw themselves at Lochte like Roman women did at gladiators. I am so glad that Obama utterly failed to bring the Olympics to Chicago. It seems the event has denigrated to a 2 week orgy for the athletes.

    Even the New Republic is on to his act, a Himbo they described him.

    “Lochte might be plenty buoyant himself, but he’s still a product of whatever it is this new gender dynamic has done to the way many young men think about themselves in relation to the world. And so are the women reveling in his blank stare and bare chest.”

    I was born in the wrong century.



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    After a moment’s though, I think I use “pretty good” in both senses: to mean ok but not that good, and to mean something that is excellent, as in, “Honey, I was expecting this meal to be in line with your usual excellence, but this is even better, it’s pretty good!” I use different tones for each.

    Apparently, I didn’t have the Great Knock for a teacher.

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    what song is played as they close out? liked it a lot

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    FreeWifiDuringSermon: what song is played as they close out? liked it a lot · 57 minutes ago

    Dixie Chicken by Little Feat. 

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    Molly is absolutely correct that old SNL skits are funnier in retrospect than they were in reality.  It’s because people remember just the funny lines.  An example: There was a Rob Schneider sketch that takes place in a Greek-ish diner and the only thing he says over and over is “You like-a the juice?”  Funny line but after 5 minutes, not so much.  Say it with your friends later on and you’re laughing out loud.  Some of the old “classic” 70s stuff I now find unwatchable.  (But maybe that is because the bar for “shock and gross out” has moved quite a bit in the intervening decades.)

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    Kudos to whoever thought to add the Larry David “pretty good” refrain after the Little Feat exit music. Inspired!

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    I love listening to Mollie’s laugh.  There I said it.

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    Christopher Bowen: I love listening to Mollie’s laugh.  There I said it. · 21 hours ago

    I agree. Beats Jonah Goldberg’s, certainly!

    On the “pretty good” question, I am sympathetic both to Mollie’s view (it is a tempering qualifier when I use it) and to Mark’s position as a husband who turned an intended compliment into a disagreement.

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    I think Mollie is right about “pretty good.”  And what an enjoyable podcast! Thanks.

    Oh, and because I was interested, I googled Lolo Jones and found a website that said that “she was criticized for her lifestyle choice”, ie, virginity.  What a weird upside down world we live in.

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    Just wanted to say I’m really enjoying “The Hemmingways.”  The subject of religious freedom is so important and I’m glad the podcast covers it.    Thanks so much!

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