After a bit of a hiatus, America’s favorite podcasting couple, Mark and Mollie Hemingway return to the interwebs just in the nick of time with another installment of The Hemingways. This week, they banter about the state of Ricochet, gun control and what’s to be done, reveal their unique approach to purchasing a Christmas tree, a frank discussion on holiday music, and of course “The Fight of The Week.” Happy holidays from The Hemingways.

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    Mollie: Glad you mentioned the soul-crusing college indoctrination seminars on male/female conduct. 

    They don’t work (the kids aren’t having any less sex), they lack any sense of the beautiful (a sonnet or a formal dance contain more truth about human things–we don’t value “forms” anymore), they are rife with politically correct nonsense (rape is so broad as to almost include unwanted hand-holding), they don’t speak to men as men and women as women, and they presume that you can raise a generation without any moral moorings and then hope a Powerpoint or group discussion makes up for the lack of deep-seated moral fiber (here’s a hint: it doesn’t. Especially not when alcohol and party atmosphere and especially the intoxication of freedom from family and restraint enter the mix).

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    YES! Baby It’s Cold Outside is one of my favorite songs, and it’s such an amazing story that Qutb hated America for it! Of course that line is about just a strong drink and not a date rape drug. Geez. Who says such stupid things? Feminists, that’s who. Great podcast.

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    I am a member   why can’t I download this?

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    Not exactly interventionist, but the Great White Fleet was before WWI.

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    Oh Mollie, no Santa!? My brother tried this with his oldest. All he did was rob his son of one of the greatest parts of childhood.

    Kids can learn the reason for the season and believe in Santa.

    Santa was one of the most wonderful parts of my childhood. It pains me when people deprive children of it. 

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    Not sure if it’s just on my end, but this isn’t loading in the SuperFeed, and it doesn’t launch from the Play option.  The direct link to the MP3 does work, though.

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    Is there some sort of technical problem with this podcast; I am logged in as a member but get a retort that I must be logged in to get the podcast.

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    Great podcast, as always!  You all HAVE to do this more frequently.  Regarding party ID & guns, someone (probably Glenn, pointed to this post by Nate Silver:
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    I absolutely love this podcast!  Mollie giggling just make the day better; and kudos to Mark for making her giggle.

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    Yes, Mark, all versions of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” are sung that way.

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    The address for this Hemingway play in new window needs adjusting.

     I am getting a wrong address message.

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    Mollie’s giggle never gets old…

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    I don’t think we’re doomed.

    But we are in for a very tough time.

    For now, I do almost think the sooner this spendaholic nation “hits bottom” the better. (It’s probably just as well that Romney did not win, because he would have only postponed the inevitable, thereby making it harder to recover.)

    I’m almost glad to be too old be around long enough to see the worst of it, but regret that I won’t be around to help the kids get through it.

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    This podcast episode was mistakenly marked as “hidden” in our system, and thus caused some problems with accessing parts of it.

    I’ve fixed the problem– enjoy!

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    I do like the song, but I have to say the idea of Willie Nelson singing it to Norah Jones (who I both love) does make the song creepy.  However, I am anxiously awaiting the Tony Bennett-Miley Cyrus version any day now.

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    I endorse your honesty about Santa. 

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    My bad. Sorry everyone.

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    The Mollie giggle and the Mona cello.. love Ricochet podcasts.. 

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    I used think that Innuendo was Italian for enema..

    I read that Qutb in Colorado was  irked by watching young ones dance to Moonglow as in the Picnic sexy dance.. just how uptight are these people.. well we know how uptight they are.. Just imagine him watching Kim Novak swing those hips.. 

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    I’ve always thought it odd when parents tell the children Santa doesn’t exist. Because, for someone who doesn’t exist, you sure see him everywhere. We treated the Santa story as just that – a story.  The kids knew where the gifts came from – and it wasn’t the North Pole!

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    Kim K.: I’ve always thought it odd when parents tell the children Santa doesn’t exist. Because, for someone who doesn’t exist, you sure see him everywhere. We treated the Santa story as just that – a story.  The kids knew where the gifts came from – and it wasn’t the North Pole! · 37 minutes ago

    To be clear, that’s what I told them — that it was an updating of the St. Nicholas story and that it was a fun way to express Christmas joy.

    It didn’t work.

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    “That was a preview of the next Mark Steyn column.” 

    Amazing stuff – had to control my laughter here at work. :)

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    The Qtub/Greeley/dance story is included in one of the first chapters of Lawrence Wright’s The Looming Tower.

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    Most charming podcast ever. It’s like a post-modern version of Burns & Allen — without the sexist stereotype of course. Hey Yeti – what version of “Baby” was that on the way out? I was expecting Stewart and Parton but it sounded like Willie Nelson?? Thx.

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    Give it up for Frank Loesser! Great songwriter, great song. Mark Steyn has a wonderful column about it (I love his music columns generally), from which I learned that Loesser wrote “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” as a kind of holiday party entertainment song, which he performed with his wife whenever the company demanded a musical performance. Obviously it was a huge hit, and has now been covered by everyone under the sun. But knowing the history makes it a particularly appropriate song for the Hemingway podcast, wouldn’t you say?

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    It’s Willie Nelson and Norah Jones.  

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    Thursday: “That was a preview of the next Mark Steyn column.” 

    Amazing stuff – had to control my laughter here at work. :) · 23 hours ago

    I was out on a walk — and didn’t have to contain mine.

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    We have nothing left.  My Baby has packed all of the canned goods off for charity and we, literally, have nothing left. She won’t allow me to stockpile goods

    My beloved is a Sunshine person, but this is it.

    The more I work to get money in, the more my beloved gives to charity.

    She is a saint and I seem like a chump.

    I feel that there are people working less hard than me.

    My beloved has not been to a dentist for a simple teeth cleaning, in 4 years.  We are charitable people, but we have been giving hard for several years.i

    And we have no money.  We even had to buy eggs this week, to make Christmas Cookies, because our 24 chickens won’t even lay eggs.

    Please understand, our most spoiled chickens don’t lay many eggs.  We are not incompetent.  They just aren’t laying.  You’ll have factory eggs in your diners, but not from our farm.  They won’t lay eggs, recently.

    When you are looking at your Christmas Cookie recipies the difference between one of our eggs and a white, store egg is almost 100%, in how the cookies rise.

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    All of our neighbors, surrounding us in our rural paradise, are members of AFSCME.  They are also, just genuinely, awful people.  They yell, all day, at each other.

    They walk outside to talk on their cellphones and holler at people, because they never want that hollerin’ in their homes.  They ride their ATVs into our property and send sheets of dust on top of us.  And we are not allowed to castrate those particular cattle.

    Be of good cheer!  No matter what may be bugging you, somebody else is holding down a different corner.

    Peace On Earth, Good Will Towards Men.

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    Just a point about this podcast: Molly’s musical laugh is worth the price of admission. Mark is a lucky guy to be able to inspire that once in a while.

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