Victor Davis Hanson analyzes how Joe Biden’s early policy moves contrast with his campaign-trail rhetoric, reflects on the last days of Donald Trump, and explains how a fractured Republican Party can move forward.

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    I’m pretty certain Biden has no idea what he “believes” until he reads it on the teleprompter.

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  2. I Walton Member
    I Walton

    They’re going to have to move power to the Hill or the crazies will determine policy.  On the hill, they’re just crooks, so may not benefit from undoing what Trump did.   On the other hand if they don’t and who ever runs Biden continues to set policy, or if they remove him, then what?  Does anyone believe that we’ll have honest elections in two years delivering Republican wins and removing their power?   We have to wait and see, but while waiting it is in Republican interests to build an alternative base in all of the states, and pieces of them, but beginning in Texas for a movement toward a Republic based on our constitution rather than the top down non viable direction these idiots will take us. 

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  3. Albert Arthur Coolidge
    Albert Arthur

    Biden began his campaign by lying about what Trump said about Charlotteville. The only reason to do that was to stoke racial hatred in this country. Biden’s policy moves do not contrast with his campaign rhetoric.

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  4. colleenb Member

    Great insight as usual Professor Herr Dr. Hanson. (Heh if it’s good enough for Professor Herr Dr. Biden.)

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  5. Saint Augustine Member
    Saint Augustine

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