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  1. Texmoor Coolidge

    I watched Babylon 5 back in the day, but it didn’t leave much of a lasting impression. I can’t remember a thing about it unlike ST:TNG which is still my favorite show of all time.

    I’m pretty sure GOT will stick around in my memory much better even though it was super rushed in the end. I think Sonny had it right to blame the show runners who wanted the show to be over so they can move on to Star Wars. Good luck trying to fix that train wreck!

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    • May 20, 2019, at 8:59 AM PDT
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  2. kedavis Member

    I remember B5 a lot more fondly than TNG. It was far more original and wide-ranging.

    Also, DS9 surpasses TNG.

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    • May 21, 2019, at 12:08 AM PDT
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