The Food Pyramid Tried to Kill Me

On this week’s episode, April and Teri are asking the important questions about peanut butter. Peter Pan or Jif? Crunchy or smooth? Also, pet surgeries are expensive, the left is collapsing under its own weight, and the food pyramid is to blame for Teri’s very unhealthy 1990s low-fat diet. And guess who is Alexa’s favorite conservative commentator?

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  1. Nerina Bellinger Inactive
    Nerina Bellinger

    We are a JIF household.  Teri, I’m wondering if you remember a 90s personality named Susan Powter?  She was all the rage spouting the “no fat – all carbs” mantra back in the day.  I don’t know  what became of her but she was quite charismatic and unusual at the time for her close-shaved head.

    I agree, in general, that most people eat too many carbs.  But let me just say that there is no way I could afford to feed a family of seven (with three adolescent boys) in the manner April advocates and not go broke.  As it is, our monthly food bill far exceeds our previous mortgage payment largely owing to the cost of meat.  Sometimes cheap pasta is the way to fill up kids who really do seem to have hollow legs, as an old-saying goes. 

    If it is was just my husband and me we could radically alter our diet but not while kids are still in the picture.  Until then, we will consume spaghetti, mashed potatoes and even frozen pizza in addition to protein, fruits and veggies.   I really am a big believer of “everything in moderation.”  The timing was so funny because I was literally frosting chocolate cupcakes with homemade chocolate frosting while listening to the podcast!



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  2. Mate De Inactive
    Mate De

    Vinnie Tortorich has been on the warpath regarding the food pyramid and how it has caused the obesity epidemic in the country.

    I am with you Teri, my mom bought all the garbage they said in the 80’s. Everything was fat free, and we had margarine as well because butter will kill you apparently. This is Vinnie’s site and he has a podcast where he talks about this.

    Also the egg thing is annoying. Funny or die did a good bit on it.



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