Kanye Feel the Love?

On tap this week: The Kanye/Trump bromance, the heartbreaking case of little Alfie Evans, and the latest on President Bush.

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  1. Adriana Harris Inactive
    Adriana Harris

    Great podcast this week ladies. I had tears of anger, tears of sadness and tears of happiness all in one episode.

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  2. OccupantCDN Coolidge

    The worst part of the Alphie Evans thing – wasnt that they where barred from leaving the country – that they barred him from leaving the building. They keep going on about this ‘death with dignity’ stuff, if they’re going to withdraw treatment, why not let him leave the building?

    I agree, I think the real reason the NHS didnt want this treatment for Alphie is that they didnt want their authority challenged by a successful outcome.

    Canada is also having a minor scandal now about healthcare, in 2016 Amanda Scharf died while waiting for a specialist treatment for a 2011 heart attack. The problem with socialized medicine, is that its not free, its pre paid, and like any pre paid service you really have to trust that you’re funds will be properly marshaled for treatment should the need arise. Clearly the government has repeatedly proven that they’re untrustworthy with the management of funding. There is also a market problem with socialized medicine. When the perceived cost of service is $0. you end up with an infinite demand – which cannot be satisfied and thus leads to rationing.

    The Royals are having a baby boom right now, could you imagine what would happen if one (god forbid) of their children fell so ill? Do you think some future prince, or duchess would have treatment withheld?

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