Trump Hearts Soccer Moms? & Robert Costa of The Washington Post

We talk Trump campaign shake up 3.0, Hillary’s cash ‘n’ carry crown Prince and an interview with Washington Post Trumplinologist Robert Costa.

Life imitates art, or at least podcasts. Just hours after we predicted Trump would make a big move, Paul Manafort is given his walking papers and shipped out of town. Trump is sorry.

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There are 7 comments.

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  1. Paul Dougherty Member
    Paul Dougherty

    Still no apology but there was this rich line when referring to Trump’s campaign:

    “I’ve been around a lot of candidates and a lot of campaign organizations that it is still essentially a regiment of enablers just different type of enabling.”

    Delivered un-ironically.

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  2. Fred Houstan Member
    Fred Houstan

    The party I left is an absolute mess.

    I left because of Trump’s nomination. Meanwhile, the rhetorical “resistance” is headed by a Jeb! guy. In all seriousness, I’d love to read a justification from Murphy why a Jeb! at the helm would be a good thing for the party and country. And, yes, necessarily address the issue of nepotism while you’re at it.

    For the record, I continue to admire Jeb’s previous work. His running, however, was a disastrous decision.

    On the sidelines I sit, and the popcorn isn’t that good.

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  3. Fred Houstan Member
    Fred Houstan

    The enemy of my enemy isn’t necessarily my friend. I’ve listened to this entire podcast now, where Murphy finds every possible epithet to hurl at Trump. Go ahead, unload on Trump, fine by me, but, then, I think back to the NC presidential primaries, my anecdotal point of reference. Plenty of Jeb! ads trashing… Rubio, who was my choice then. Jeb! didn’t even break 5% of the vote.

    The articulate and mature Jeb! pulled a Tonya Harding and smashed the knees of candidates who could have better challenged Trump — and merely took the wrong people down, along with Jeb!’s failed bid.

    So Trump is a big mess, yep, he sure is. So, too, was Jeb!’s campaign. “Enabling,” as @pauldougherty points out.

    Please don’t clap.

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  4. rebark Inactive

    As a #NeverTrump type, I am constantly told that I am just bitterly pursuing primary vendettas, that I don’t recognize the problems that gave rise to Trump, and that I’m still clinging to the notion that Jeb was the right person to nominate this cycle.

    For reference, this is what that actually looks like.

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  5. Petty Boozswha Inactive
    Petty Boozswha

    I’m surprised I was actually able to enjoy this podcast. Like those above I’m one of the Ricochetti that believe Murphy deserves the hottest spot in hell for what he did to our party this year. In your next podcast why don’t you take on these challenges head on:

    1. Do you disagree that Rubio would be getting 58% of the popular vote right now?
    2. When did you realize Jeb! was a lost cause and did you counsel him to pack it in?
    3. What can we do to avoid this kind of problem in the future? Closed primaries? Superdelegates?
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  6. goldwaterwoman Thatcher

    Whether you approve or not, the great bulk of Republicans and Independents support Trump, and he’s going to win this election. You need to get out more. I’m sorry, but you sound like a sore loser.

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  7. Fred Cole Inactive
    Fred Cole

    Hey, I listened to this podcast and this is another awesome episode.

    I wish this came out three times a week.  This was at the top of my listening list this morning.

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