BDBITL-O-H-I-OIn this week’s episode, Mona and Jay cover even greater ground than usual. They talk about the fragility of civilization (a perpetual theme). The degradation of America’s cities. The drama in Ferguson, Mo. The problem of policing.

They also talk about ISIS, or whatever they’re calling themselves this week. Are they a group that simply needs to be pulverized? Then the discussion turns naturally to Iran, and the question of the mullahs’ deterrability, or non-deterrability.

Where is American leadership, by the way? (Other than on the golf course.)

Edward Snowden has wrapped himself in the American flag — literally. Jay points out that Philby, when he fled to Moscow, at least refrained from wrapping himself in the Union Jack.

Toward the end of the ’cast, Mona and Jay discuss matters North Korean. Also the Ohio State marching band, believe it or not. (No connection between North Korea and OSU.)

Finally, Mona’s youngest son, Ben, has arrived at college, for his freshman year. He is not a leftist yet. We’ll check back at Thanksgiving.

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  1. Mike H Coolidge
    Mike H

    If you looked into the OSU band more you would see the band director probably shouldn’t have been held responsible since he was in charge only 2 years and was doing everything in his power to correct the band’s entrenched culture. He wasn’t notified about the investigation; just informed when he was being terminated.

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  2. Nick Stuart Inactive
    Nick Stuart

    TSA naked body scanners and overall intrusiveness. TSA generally.  NSA surveillance. ID checks of Interstate Highway travellers. Overbearing scrutiny of legal residents at US border stations. Federal Government database of untruthful and hateful tweets. Civil asset forfeiture where the government seizes your stuff because they think you’re guilty and good luck getting it back after the trial if you’re not. Politically motivated indictments. Inexplicably large purchases of ammunition by Federal agencies. Federal agencies like the Department of Education with their own SWAT teams. 

    It’s a long list. Mona might want to think it over a little more before adding surveillance cameras in every public place (of which there are already too many) to it.

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