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    I Walton

    I enjoyed all of this discussion, but I have to comment on your comments on Narcos, it was a great series and captured Escobar and Cali cartel period very well.  But,   it completely ignores the FARC who by the eighties  grew the cocaine.  After we shut down cocaine paste from Bolivia, the cartels began growing it in the hinterland where the government did not exercise control.  The income fueled the recuperation of FARC which was pretty much dead by the early 70s.  The paramilitaries, los Pepe’s, were formed by ranchers to defend themselves in areas where the government could not defend them by going after the FARC.  They were making huge progress but started replacing them in the drug business and turned to rot along with the FARC.

    The show makes it appear that the Pepe’s were just killing peasants.  A lot of peasants got caught between the two violent groups, but the paramilitary’s targets remained the FARC.  The FARC was subsequently destroyed by President Uribe and when he left office were surrendering.   The paramilitaries quit when asked to by Uribe.  They also killed each other over drugs. Why did the peace process go to Havana with Venezuela and Cuba at the table?  They’d lost their cocaine supplers and wanted them back.  Mexico was taking over.  Venezuela is run by the Cubans and is a narco state.

    You end saying the series makes you support the war on drugs.  Come again?  It ended on the note that it will never be won.  Taking out Escobar did not reduce supplies, taking out the Cali cartel did not reduce supplies and now with the FARC back and operating under the peace process, and Mexico having filled the vacuum, supplies will grow.   The the entire corrupt mess is a product of the war on drugs.  If not for the war on drugs prices would plummet, profits would disappear.  This doesn’t mean we should legalize them, at least not the way some say, but we have to recognize that the war on drugs is a total failure and the show Narcos demonstrates that.  Lots of murder,  corruption, undermining of institutions, pollution, erosion of multiple cultures but did it reduce the business, lead to lower levels of addiction, street violence and urban chaos in the US.?  Just the opposite.

    I knew there were some biased writers in the first show when our protagonist says we didn’t like Allende so we took him out.  That’s always been a left wing narrative which was never true but which has become fact by repetition.  We didn’t like Allende and wanted him gone but the CIA made one incompetent  keystone cop effort then went home and the Chilean people finally convinced the Chilean military to do something and they did.  I might add the show makes the DEA and the CIA out to be super competent.  Folks they’re federal bureaucracies.  The Colombians did it. We provided sig int.

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