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  1. Leslie Watkins Inactive
    Leslie Watkins

    Excellent podcast. For the next episode, someone must cite Kevin Williamson’s incredibly descriptive as well as brilliant musings on what angry white boys want.

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  2. Quinnie Member

    This podcast is a great example of how the Left has won.   What a pusilanimous panel.  This group  is so frightened of being labeled racist they are tripping over themselves slamming the Alt-Right and President Trump.  Pathetic.   There is absolutely nothing President Trump  could have said about Charlottesville to please them or the Left.  The President disavowed these groups dozens of times before and clearly expressed (to me) his disgust with the Charlottesville Nazis.   But it will never be enough.    (By the way, the comment that if “Trump had a son he would look like Richard Spencer” was truly despicable and unfair).

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