Rich, Reihan, Charlie, and Michael Brendan Dougherty discuss Trump’s nuking of Steve Bannon, Michael Wolff’s bombshell book on Trump, the decriminalization of marijuana, and whether the U.S. should be more involved in encouraging the protests in Iran.

Editors’ picks:

• Rich: Breitbart‘s Disgrace

• Charlie: Presidential Word Salads

• Michael: The New York Times Rushes to Save Its Collusion Tale

• Reihan: Argentina Turns the Corner

Light items:

• Rich: Arcade Games

• Charlie: 4K TV

• Michael: Hodinkee on the history of watchmaking

• Reihan: Ghochar Ghachar

The Editors is hosted by Rich Lowry and produced by Charles C. W. Cooke.

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  1. Mister Dog Coolidge
    Mister Dog

    Not to defend Steve Bannon, but NR or NRI is constantly asking little ol’ me, who has little spare cash, for money. So the idea of Jack Fowler asking Bannon, who at that time presumably had access to Mercer cash, for money wouldn’t surprise me a bit. I suspect some disingenuousness here regarding the word “begging.”

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  2. Eeyore Member

    @richlowry – The claw machines can be defeated. There are some where I work.

    First – I once saw the vendor pack the machine. And I mean pack. The plushes were crammed together. Thus, each perfect grasp lessens slightly the hold of its compatriots. Eventually, when freed, the claw will pluck your prize.

    Second – Don’t be too hasty! Take care with the drop. I saw a guy successfully grasp a prize. But he rammed the joystick towards the drop hole. It was moving so fast, Teddy bounced off the side wall and did a rim-shot fail on the drop.

    So, look for the most freed-looking prize. Next, take care with the drop if you are successful.

    Glad I could help! But, yea, the claw will just barely hold the prize weight.

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