The only number you need to know from the Republicans debacle in Virginia, and why it should terrify the GOP.

Jim Antle, Political Editor at the Washington Examiner, on the fallout of Tuesday’s GOP defeats.

Did Ed Gillespie run a JEB! campaign in a Trump political world?

Guess who else was meeting with that Russian attorney in New York last year.

And where were you when the political world changed, one year ago today?

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  1. JessicaSaniuk Inactive

    My post-election day experience was interesting. At the time I worked in Cambridge, MA and also spent a lot of time in different gaming communities that were filled with young liberals. As I got into work it was like there was a miasma over the city, people walked around a bit like zombies. My co-workers came in and some would burst into sobs, one guy was visibly angry, and I was the only chipper one of the bunch because I was happy Billary didn’t win (I didn’t vote Trump btw). There was a meeting where everyone was encouraged to “talk through the pain”. I just kinda sat there and wanted some popcorn to watch the show. My gaming communities were in rougher shape though, there were some people saying they were having panic attacks because they felt they would be taken to prison for having an alternative lifestyle. I spent time consoling them and letting them know that it’s not going to be as bad as they think it will be, ’cause I was their age when Obama first won the office and had the same reaction and we are still here and not a whole lot has changed. I lost about 5 “friends” because of that statement. So, interesting day to say the least!

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  2. Blue State Curmudgeon Inactive
    Blue State Curmudgeon

    I was in Canada when Trump was elected.  I voted in Syracuse in the morning before driving to Ottawa.  I happened to be with an American colleague who is very progressive.  We were texting each other as the returns were coming in and when it appeared that Trump could actually win I could sense his TOTAL disbelief that such a thing was possible.  What was even more interesting was the reaction of our Canadian colleagues the next morning.  Even those who are on the right side of the Canadian political spectrum (roughly equivalent to a Democrat in the U.S.) were horrified.  In Canada’s culture where polite discourse is mandatory, someone like Trump is not only impossible, but inconceivable.  To this day, they still can’t understand how someone like that can get elected in a civilized, developed nation.

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