Weekend Wrap: Kurt Schlichter and Bethany Mandel

It’s the “Weekend Wrap” of the Michael in the Morning podcast–two terrific conversations to keep you company this weekend as you travel, shop, work or play:

Kurt Schlichter of Townhall.com on whether “values voters” can afford to vote their values in the era of Trump, Moore and Clinton;

Bethany Mandel, podcast star and contributor to the Federalist, on everything from men (she’s for them) to Star Wars movies (not so much).

Get smart and have a good time with the Weekend Wrap!

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  1. Arahant Member


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  2. DJ EJ Member
    DJ EJ

    Highlander (there should have been only one…movie) has been a favorite of mine since high school for all the reasons you mentioned – sci-fi, swords, history, and Sean Connery. I would also add the soundtrack by Queen – so good. The bad, tests your patience part of the movie is that Sean Connery plays a character who’s an ancient Egyptian who spent significant time in ancient Japan and now has a Spanish name for some reason, but sounds like a Scotsman butchering a Spanish accent. Meanwhile, Christopher Lambert is a French actor who plays a Scotsman but sounds like a Frenchman butchering a Scottish accent. Since I saw and loved the movie before learning these things, I just roll with it.

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  3. Derringdoo Inactive

    So hard to listen to when he got to Bethany Mandel.  Schlicter can carry an interview.

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