How Uncommon Is Trump’s White House “Chaos?”

Tillerson got fired on Twitter, what’s up for H R McMaster— a Grumpy Cat “You’re Fired!” gif?

The great Michael Barone answers the question: Just how unusual is the Trump presidency, really?

An update on Sheriff Israel and the Broward County boneheads from Judicial Watch

A Massachusetts pol declares war on a Union general’s memorial.

And if it’s Friday, that means it’s the Confession Hotline!

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Published in: Politics
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  1. GJP Inactive

    I thought I was the only one with an emotional support gerbil.

    “I am Pickle Rick ”

    BTW, appreciated the Rick and Morty mention in yesterday’s podcast.

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    • March 16, 2018, at 7:21 AM PDT
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  2. contrarian Member

    “Mueller is your best friend.” – All things being equal I agree. It appears he’s already concluded that the Russia narrative is phony. He could clear Trump of this now, but he won’t. DEMs have refused to accept the legitimacy of election which they thought would be awful when they thought Trump might do it and which, frankly, is the greatest gift you could give Putin. By not ending this now and dragging this out as long as possible and revealing nothing, Mueller is no one’s friend. Thi is the same thing that Trump fired Comey over.

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    • March 20, 2018, at 2:04 AM PDT
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  3. contrarian Member

    oops wrong episode for this comment

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    • March 20, 2018, at 2:39 AM PDT
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