Jonah Goldberg On Kevin Williamson And Conservative Media

The great Jonah Goldberg on Kevin Williamson and the future of conservative media;

Why Trump’s trade war could end up being no big deal;

A Holy Cross professor unintentionally points out the hypocrisy of the anti-Kevin-Williamson Left;

And it’s the final edition of the Confession Hotline—and it’s a doozy!

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  1. rdowhower Inactive

    Won’t be sad to see you go.  So nice to hear a professed Christian so often stray into the gutter and engage in juvenile banter.  I started listening to the interview with Jonah and you of course brought up your favorite actress and the president’s anatomy, so I turned it off.   Pathetic and not funny, or witty.  Good riddance.

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  2. Lois Lane Coolidge
    Lois Lane

    I will miss your podcast, Michael.  I don’t always agree with your every point, but I’m sure not even Buttercup does that! :)

    You really did accompany me on my drive to work or on my morning runs.

    And I loved learning about the story behind your show’s theme song, which I can use when I teach the 80s!

    Best of luck as you engage in newer and (hopefully) even better and more edifying pursuits.

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  3. JuliaBlaschke Coolidge

    Didn’t always agree with you Michael but I will definitely miss having your podcast to enjoy with my morning coffee. Good luck with your next endeavor.

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  4. Marythefifth Member

    I’ll miss the impressions.

    Ricochet provides that very wide spectrum of opinions that are right of center. How it differs and improves upon NR’s content is that members can satisfactorily respond to the sort of sneering that drove me away from NR.

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  5. CitizenOfTheRepublic Inactive

    Listening to Michael talk about trade is like grading the math homework of a kid who cannot understand word problems.  

    Looking at the percentage of economic activity in states that is trade TO China means exactly nothing….except the extent to which China putting further import tariffs on the USA has little risk — EXCEPT to one of the sectors he mentioned (Ag) that is actually well-protected by import tariffs put on foreign Ag products when we try to import them from Brazil, Argentina, etc.

    YES, import tariffs are taxes paid by We the Consumers – as are Workers’ Income Taxes, Payroll Taxes, Personal Property Taxes (taxes on inventory, capital goods, etc. in factories, for example), Real Property Taxes, Corporate Income Taxes, Workers Compensation Fees, Legal Fees for EEOC-defense, etc.  All of those taxes are disincentives to employing workers in the US and the import tariff is a disincentive to employing foreigners. 

    Can Ideological Free Traders talk about the world as it is as opposed to what it was like in the 1770s (Smith) or the 1850s (Bastiat)? 

    The Federal Income Tax is an immense attack on personal liberty, privacy, and on economic activity…compared with which tariffs on imported goods such as manufactured goods, ag & petroleum products are as nothing….but a method to raise the revenue that the Leviathan State spends in that multi-trillion-dollar budget….which happens to incentivize domestic employment and economic activity. 

    And, yes, such tariffs on imports should be used under close scrutiny so that they not be used to protect particular boondoggle enterprises – such as domestic sugar production or UAW-controlled automakers.




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  6. Taras Coolidge

     Michael and Jonah simply don’t get that, when they made fun of Bill Clinton, they were bravely standing up to the media lynch mob that, to this day, continues to go after Bill and Hillary’s critics and accusers.

     But when they attack Donald Trump, they are operating as de facto allies of the lynch mob that is trying to bring him down any way it can. 

     Admittedly, siding with the liberal lynch mob is a quick way to get Strange New Respect, as Mona Charen has found to her apparent delight. 



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  7. David Bryan Inactive
    David Bryan


    Thank you for a cogent defense of fair trade!


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  8. FredGoodhue Coolidge

    Funny you mention Diamond & Silk days before they are banned.

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