James Delingpole and Toby are so excited that HBO’s “Game of Thrones” has returned, they insisted on recording a podcast this week to discuss (and have pledged to record a new podcast weekly for the duration of the season). In addition to the adventures of the Lannisters, Toby and James discuss Obama’s visit to London and its effects on the European referendum campaign, the total humiliation of Red Ken Livingstone, former Mayor of London and one of the leading figures of the left, now exposed as anti-Semite. Oy vey.

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  1. Tyler Boliver Inactive
    Tyler Boliver

    GoT talk? Count me in.

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  2. Severely Ltd. Inactive
    Severely Ltd.

    I’m not a GoT’s watcher, but I can enjoy these two blathering on about anything. I welcome the weekly offerings.

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  3. aardo vozz Member
    aardo vozz

    Enjoyed the podcast,especially the Game of Thrones discussion. I do have one quibble about the discussion concerning antisemitism. Both James and Toby talk about the problem the “regressive left” has with antisemitism. It seems to me the problem the “regressive left” has with antisemitism is that they have no problem with antisemitism.

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  4. Whoamusanyway Inactive

    I gather this means GoT spoilers (?), so I’ll need to bookmark this episode for later, dang it — I just started Season 5

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