Scottish Aftermath

You Can Take Away Our Freedom, But You Can’t Take Away Our Whores!

Episode 59 delivers final word on the battle for independence in Scotland as well as a fascinating look at the attack upon the $65 billion video game industry by the armies of the politically correct.

Part 1: The Empire Remains Intact

The Scots may have invented the modern world, but they don’t want to be free … just yet. Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos joins James for a conversation about why the fight for Scottish independence is far, far from over. Also, do you know who invented the kilt? All will be revealed (so to speak).

Part 2: Grand Theft Delingpole

In the second part of the interview, the man who uncovered #ClimateGate interviews the man who exposed #GamerGate (that would be James interviewing Milo again). Did you know that humorless politically correct bores are trying to ruin video games? And did you know the global market for video games is larger than Hollywood’s global box office?

Join the conversation below and we’ll come to your home and polish your silver.

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There are 10 comments.

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  1. Eeyore Member

    Looks like James has been working on the ol’ neck muscles in the EJHill Gym and PhotoSpa.

    • #1
  2. EJHill Podcaster

    I have NO idea of what it is you speak of…

    • #2
  3. kmtanner Inactive

    The English journalists were so pathetic on this, including Delingpole, so I dont even try to listen.

    • #3
  4. user_313423 Inactive

    kmtanner:The English journalists were sopathetic on this, includingDelingpole, so I dont even try to listen.

    I can’t hear you.

    • #4
  5. user_124695 Inactive

    Actually, Mr Delingpole was spot-on, all the way through the campaign. I will listen to this on the train up to Scotland, sans border crossing :-)

    • #5
  6. JSAN Inactive

    That they don’t really care about people is obvious even though they bravely accept their role as ‘step parents of red headed children’. If scots are morally bankrupt as they say then certainly we must consider their cultural upbringing.

    • #6
  7. Hartmann von Aue Member
    Hartmann von Aue

    Excellent and very, very laugh-inducing podcast. Thanks. I did not know that Brits used the term “red-headed stepchild”. I thought it was a patented Hillbillyism.

    • #7
  8. Tennessee Patriot Member
    Tennessee Patriot

    Hartmann von Aue:Excellent and very, very laugh-inducing podcast. Thanks. I did not know that Brits used the term “red-headed stepchild”. I thought it was a patented Hillbillyism.

    Hillbillies and Rednecks ARE of Scottish descent. We are also the cannon-fodder of the U.S. armed forces as the Scotts are of the British.  (We have also provided the best generals, also.)

    • #8
  9. user_357321 Inactive

    Amazing, I’m very happy to see this covered at Ricochet of all places (gamergate, not Scotland).  I think gamergate is a much bigger culture war flashpoint than might be commonly thought in the larger culture.  Gamers are the first to resist the PC thought-police incursion into any culture group so far as I know, and I think this misguided expedition might break their little empire in the end.

    Kudos to James and Milo for bringing this up.  I look forward to Milo’s continued coverage on this gamergate thing as well.  You seem to be the only journalist actually covering this seriously, so please don’t stop.

    • #9
  10. SallyVee Inactive

    I was hooting and howling from Word One, all the way through this podcast. James was completely off his meds and yet soooo right about everything, even in his apparent state of near psychosis. I say: more Brandy blogging (or whatever), please!

    In Part 2, I diagnosed myself as a Gaming “Winger” (soft G in Brit). But James and Milo succeeded in instantly opening my eyes and altering my attitude in a hilarious and very informative half hour. Not saying I’ll ever be a fan of the uber violent & sexual gaming fare, but now that I understand about all the Gamers trying to Game the Video Gamers, I’ve dialed back my contempt and concerns – waaaaay back. Kudos and snorts to Milo for taking on this parasitical outrage industry. I will be looking up Gamer Gate, count on it.

    Thanks so much for this fun and gloriously un-PC broadcast. Oh, and I am not sure I can every repay the host for the term: Glassweejuns!

    • #10
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