Professor Lockdown: The Shagadelic Emergency Edition

Right after we wrapped production on our last episode The Telegraph broke the story of the scandal that’s rocked the British Establishment: Professor Neil Ferguson, architect of the lockdown policy, resigned after being caught with his pants down with a married mother of two. So Toby and James are back in a Special Shagadelic Emergency Edition of London Calling, and the only thing we can say is, “Yeah, baby!”

Opening sound of Health Secretary Matt Hancock courtesy of SkyNews.

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  1. Hang On Member
    Hang On

    Soros has been shorting everything for some time. 

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  2. James Gawron Inactive
    James Gawron

    James & Toby,

    Professor Lockdown lets loose.



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  3. Laptop Inactive

    Just seeing the word “shagadelic” made my day! Thanks for the laughs and outrage.

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  4. The Cynthonian Member
    The Cynthonian

    So let me see if I’ve got this straight:    a highly credentialed, reasonably well-known academic and a wealthy Soros-supporting married leftie have to resort to OKCupid to find someone to “date”?

    It’s supposed to be all ‘meet cutes’ and hopeless romanticism….especially when they’re both so morally and intellectually superior, with such perfect ideas about how to run the world.  Didn’t they know?   Didn’t anyone tell them?

    Apparently, a million modern novelists, magazine editors, and media people lied to them, too. 


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  5. Charlotte Member

    This was schadenfreude-tastic. Cheers, lads!

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