Omicron: No Way Home

To begin the week James sketches out his worst case scenario: Delingpole v. the NHS.

In the review of the week we start with the good news: the landmark free speech victory won by former constable Harry Miller (aided by the Free Speech Union) in the Court of Appeals.

Then on to Omicron; Monday afternoon the PM announced that he won’t be imposing any more restrictions – for now – but may impose them at any time; the likely reaction of the Parliamentary Conservative party if he does impose any more restrictions before Christmas; and the relative merits of fox hunting versus being a football fan.

In Culture Corner, Spider-Man: No Way Home (Sony / Columbia Picture), the new series of The Witcher (Netflix), Bernard Cornwell’s War Lord and Dominic Frisby’s apparent endorsement of “Team James.”

This week’s opening sound is of the PM hedging his bets courtesy of ITV News.

Dominic Frisby’s “Maybe” can be found here.

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