Match of the Day

What in the Wide, Wide World of Sports is goin’ on around here?!? After the obligatory acknowledgement of the latest royal progeny, our intrepid duo have a take at the three biggest stories in sport this past week. First up is Ollie Robinson, a bowler (for you Yanks, that’s the “pitcher” for a cricket team) whose debut for England on the international scene was overshadowed by the resurfacing of some social media postings made almost a decade ago when he was a teenager.

They also offer their take on the booing football fans are giving the players for their continued “taking a knee against racism” and the story of Henry Slade, a Rugby Union player who’s become the first high-profile athlete to refuse to take one of the Covid-19 vaccinations. (Slade is a Type 1 diabetic.)

Then we cover the Fauci email release and in our much abbreviated Culture Corner segment, James reveals that he’s finally (!) finished with the Arthurian trilogy.

This week’s opening sound is of Ollie Robinson’s apology, which he read out somewhat unenthusiastically, courtesy of Sky Sports.

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  1. Pudge Member

    As an American of Irish descent I believe I do care less about the royal family than you.

    Matt Cullen 

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  2. texased Coolidge

    The boys were wondering what americans thought about the royal family:

    Hi Jon (as opposed to the Commentary “Hi John”), thanks for not deleting this yet.

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