Global Citizens

After butchering the American holiday calendar, our intrepid duo takes on the Government’s Covid calendar. Such is the nervousness of the general population, the Delingpole family went to lunch and behaved so normally they got banned from the restaurant for life.

James and Toby then take on why the media has become lapdogs for Number 10 on Covid policy. How is it that a Tory government is getting absolutely no push back? Maybe a £320M media buy will grease the skids?

Meanwhile, Harry gets a rousing welcome at Vax Live where the tested, the vaccinated and the re-tested gathered for a masked concert in Los Angeles and James’ mum takes a stand for sanity, all of which provokes memories of the cult of Jim Jones and The Devil Wears Prada on the Lift.

On to Culture Corner and James has the scoop on the new Mark Millar series Jupiter’s Legacy (debuts May 7 on Netflix), Toby is watching The Flight Attendant on HBO Max and we talk about the nuance of pronunciation.

Opening sound this week is the Prime Minister talking about continuing travel restrictions while campaigning for Thursday’s by-election in Hartlepool.

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  1. Thursby Member

    The condition of a disease with no symptoms, but instantly contagious, and no vaccine or cure was discovered in 1956.  It was called cooties.  Vanished some years later when I discovered girls. 

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