These Yentas Know Why You Can’t Find Love

Our most requested episode ever: Veteran matchmakers Emily Zanotti and Bethany Mandel lay out the hard truths about dating—and their best advice. Listen up—but be prepared for some tough love!

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Published in: Culture

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  1. Stad Coolidge

    Almost every one of my match making setups done by my friends ended in disaster.  However, you ladies seem to have a more scientific approach to the matter.  Nonetheless, I think the best things happen when you are not trying to look for that special someone, and you touched on that.

    As usual, love your podcasts!  Will there be a live podcast sometime in the future, say in DC this year?

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  2. LisaEastKy Bethany

    As a single (divorced) woman who is *not* dating, I was slightly apprehensive about hearing the “hard truths” & “tough love” of today’s dating scene.  But I should’ve known better! Emily & Bethany’s advice isn’t sugar-coated, but it’s still palatable. My key takeaways from this episode are: dating sucks, and don’t d*ck around. 

    Thank you, ladies! I appreciate your bluntness and spirit of helpfulness. Your yenta-ing is a real vocation & that’s what makes all the difference. Looking forward to volume 2 in the future!

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