The LadyBrains talk about their favorite Mother’s Day gifts – and why Hollywood doesn’t care about ratings.

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  1. Full Size Tabby Member
    Full Size Tabby

    Lyndsey’s story about the shock of having to buy rosemary reminded me of when my wife would send our then young son out to clip a sprig off one of the rosemary bushes that were part of our front yard landscaping so she could season the chicken.

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  2. Lazy_Millennial Inactive

    Regarding “Handmaiden’s Tale” comparisons to modern-day, the Ladybrains podcasters are correct that it’s very applicable to modern-day conditions faced by women in parts of the Islamic world:

    August 2016: Syrian women burn burqas in celebration after being freed from Isis

    June 2015: Syrian Women Shed Their Burqas as They Flee ISIS-Held Areas

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