How to Re-Enter Society

Mary Katharine Ham and Elisha Krauss are ready for post-pandemic life… but maybe we’ve all gotten a little too comfortable during lock down? Here’s how to tighten back up… but maybe we can all agree to leave heels and bras in the pre-pandemic world?

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  1. Al Sparks Thatcher
    Al Sparks

    This is a ladies show that I don’t listen to.  But as far as leaving bras and high heels behind, I suspect that bras will always be with modern women that have medium to large breasts.

    I’ve already been through one bra-less fad, and it didn’t last (well duh, it was a fad).

    I suspect that you’ll have an easier time ditching the high heels.

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  2. colleenb Member

    Hi MK and Bethany: I went to the Harriat Tubman museum last year. The museum would be great for kids as there are dioramas, etc – and not very big. There is a nice little walkway in the area. As an add-on to your trip, I recommend St. Ignatius Church, Port Tobacco,  in Charles County, MD, and, I think, fairly near by. You don’t need to even go in but the view from the church over the graveyard to the Potomac and Port Tobacco rivers is marvelous.  

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