How Conservatives & Liberals Stay Happily Married

How do people with opposing views stay happily married—or remain friends? Bethany Mandel and Lyndsey Fifield tackle a tough issue and get super excited about some pretty big life news. Bethany also introduces the world to a revolutionary tool for marital bliss: Apology Bourbon. Tuck in to another wonderful and weird episode.

Podcast plugged in the episode:

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  1. Stad Thatcher

    While my wife denies the existence of “apology beer”, there is “apology champagne” and that old standby, “I Was Wrong” flowers.

    And what great news @lyndsey – congratulations! When I get off Ricochet, I’ll be doing a search for “Quarter Derriere” just to see what pictures pop up . . .

    • #1
    • August 19, 2019, at 12:01 PM PDT