kudlow-pawlenty 1400Will Hillary Clinton’s private email address be her undoing? That’s topic number one for this week’s show. Also, Larry and Tim discuss the fallout from the Netanyahu speech, funding DHS and what should GOP do next as the defunding tactic always a loser. Also, Obama is “very interested” in raising taxes through executive  action. What can be done to make his interest wane? And, is Iran taking over Iraq while fighting ISIS? Larry and Tim break it down for you. 

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  1. Dick from Brooklyn Thatcher
    Dick from Brooklyn

    Just a quick note to say how GREAT this podcast is.

    I wish that Governor Pawlenty would throw his hat in the ring for 2016.

    Larry is always engaging. He’s a fellow University of Rochester Alum too! Go yellojackets! Meliora!

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  2. user_494971 Contributor

    If defunding isn’t an appropriate tool, then what is? Leave it to the courts?

    I’m less worried by the amnesty part of Obama’s amnesty than I am by the illegal way he did it. And I’m doubly worried since one of the coequal branches of government is refusing to act as a check or a balance on an obviously lawless executive.

    Put it another way, when Lincoln gave General McClellan command of the army, he expected him to use it. When we voted Republican this past election, we expected congress to do something. If they’re not going to use their votes, could we borrow them for a while?

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