Trump and Kim’s Yuuge Bad Hair Day

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Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for April 18, 2017 (that fateful day and year!) it’s the Trump and Kim’s Yuuge Bad Hair Day edition of the podcast sponsored by SimpliSafe, protect your home the smart, inexpensive, wireless way with SimpliSafe, and by Harry’s shave. Been thinking about it? Want to change your life for the better? Go to and don’t forget to enter the promo code Harvard!

When bad hair days are a way of life, you’ve just got to move forward with more substantial things and honestly, I don’t know about you, but when I think substantial, I think nuclear war substantial. Let the megatons fly, says I.

This may not be so funny (may seriously impact our download numbers in the peninsula) if Seoul gets vaporized sometime soon. But the truth is, what Trump is doing now should have been done fifteen years ago. Patience as a strategy has been stinkingly ineffective until now, wouldn’t you say? What makes us think something lucky is going to happen?

And, we examine – in, according to Todd, cumbersome and excruciating detail – and we see the veritable Phoenix Trump rising from the ashes. What do these polls mean? One clear factor is the “politics ends at the water’s edge” phenomenon. The news has been mostly foreign policy lately and any President does well in the polls when they are seen to be taking a commanding role in foreign policy.

We will, naturally, have our shower thoughts and our hidden gem this week (Gawd only knows what brought this puppy to Todd’s fevered brain) is Herman’s Hermits’ version (was there ever a cover?!?) of Henry the Eighth.

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Published in: Foreign Policy, Military, Politics
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