Trump and the SOBs

Welcome the to the HLC podcast for September 26, 2017; It’s the Trump and the SOBs edition of the podcast with your hosts, Hartford radio talk show host Todd Feinburg and Boston nanophysicist Mike Stopa. This week we will discuss the NFL protest of, um, of, oppression of African Americans in our society. Right? That’s what it is all about, right? That’s what Colin Kaepernick said at the beginning of all this…right?

So here’s the deal. Trump is at a rally. He is meandering as is his wont. He says that he doesn’t like those NFL prima donnas kneeling and disrespecting the National Anthem and he thinks the NFL owners should fire the SOBs who do. He say what tens of millions of Americans in homes and bars across America have said in exactly the language in which they have said it. And the media – per usual – goes ballistic. Because, they didn’t know that millions and millions of Americans think just that? Or they thought that here is another chance to slap down the idiots who hold the popular sentiment on this matter?

Who knows?

Next, we will talk about income inequality. Is this really the problem with America? Does it not make sense that the Left should focus on income inequality as the primary evil in current American society? We will discuss.

We will have our ever-present shower thoughts and this week our hidden gem is an honest beauty by The Pogues: Dirty Old Town.

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  1. Marythefifth Inactive

    a – FORE – mentioned. FORE gets the emphasis.

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  2. Michael Stopa Contributor
    Michael Stopa

    Marythefifth (View Comment):
    a – FORE – mentioned. FORE gets the emphasis.

    Thanks, Five.

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