You May Say I’m a Dreamer

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club podcast for Septembr 5, 2017, it’s the You May Say I’m a Dreamer edition of the podcast with your hosts, Todd Feinburg, radio talk show host and Mike Stopa, nanophysicist. This week we are inclined, nay, veritably forced into the two topics of the week – (1) the end (or not the end) of DACA and (2) the end (no, no not the end!) of Western Civilization as brought to you by Kim Jong Un.

Mike makes a prediction that Trump will – as planned – announce the end of DACA in six months and that Congress – in Congressional best form – will do nothing during that six months and that (maybe) DACA will end uneventfully. Of course, the only time I predict continued Congressional gridlock may turn out to be the only case where Congress actually gets something done.

Todd and I each discuss what we (haters that we are) would be willing to give up in order to be willing to swallow DACA amnesty.

Then, he’s back! No, he just hasn’t gone anywhere. Kim continues to strut his stuff on the world stage. As mouse plays with cat we ask: what is the “psychology of appeasement” and how do we ever get to the point of unleashing the dogs of war?

We will have as usual our shower thoughts and in honor of Walter Becker we will have Steely Dan’s Razor Boy as our hidden gem.


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Published in: Foreign Policy, Immigration

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  1. Quake Voter Inactive
    Quake Voter

    Any better description of the last 30 years of immigration enforcement?:

    … But they catch you at the border
    And the mourners are all singin’
    As they drag you by your feet
    But the hangman isn’t hangin’
    And they put you on the street

    You go back Jack do it again
    Wheel turnin’ ’round and ’round
    You go back Jack do it again

    RIP Walter.

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  2. Max Ledoux Coolidge
    Max Ledoux

    Big news here in New Hampshire is that 19 illegal aliens from Indonesia have been given deportation orders and one of them has stage four cancer! Oh, and they’ve been known to ICE for nine years, but never mind that. One of them has cancer!

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  3. Mike LaRoche Inactive
    Mike LaRoche

    I enjoyed the allusion to John Lennon. I don’t know if y’all remember, but a few years ago, there was an article in the Daily Mail where one of Lennon’s personal assistants said the former Beatle had undergone a political conversion to Reagan conservatism. Probably apocryphal, but just “imagine” these lyrics:

    Imagine no new taxes
    It isn’t hard to do
    Supply-side economics
    And no communism too
    Imagine all the people enjoying peace through strength
    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope some day you’ll join us
    And the budget will be a balanced one

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  4. Max Ledoux Coolidge
    Max Ledoux

    Now imagine a bunch of hippies singing that. ?

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  5. Randy Webster Member
    Randy Webster

    Don’t trade amnesty for E-verify.  E-verify doesn’t work; it just forces illegals to pay for better forgeries.

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  6. Mrs. Ink Member
    Mrs. Ink

    No amnesty for lawbreakers. I would like to pass a law that says “If you enter the United States illegally, you can never obtain citizenship.” Also, any one convicted of employing an illegal alien in any capacity will be subject to  a huge fine ($500,000?) and incarceration of not less than 18 months for each instance. Then, close the borders, no non-American citizens get in, for any reason, and  announce that illegal aliens must leave in sixty days, or face fines, prosecution and jail. We could solve the problem in six months. Then, amend the Constitution so that birthright citizenship is rescinded.

    How come no one ever mentions the fact that Democrats have aborted more than 50,000,000 of their voters since 1973, and now want to replace them with poor immigrants from third world countries? They have reduced their own electorate, and now want to replace them, in the process destroying what remains of American culture? And just incidentally, depressing wages for both skilled (carpenters, programmers) and unskilled workers?


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  7. Randy Webster Member
    Randy Webster

    Mrs. Ink (View Comment):
    And just incidentally, depressing wages for both skilled (carpenters, programmers) and unskilled workers?

    I’m not sure what you consider depressed wages, but we start good carpenters off at over $20/hr, and can’t hire enough.

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