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Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political podcast number 175 (isn’t there like a name for that? like the sequeplus centennial or something?) it is the Dying Anyway Podcast with your handsome and charming hosts, radio guy Todd Feinburg and nanophysicist turned AI-guy Mike Stopa. We bring you the topics that you want to hear, analyzed the way that you want them to be analyzed.

This week, John McCain is in a bad way. Everyone knows that. But he still wants to express his opinion while he is on this side of the grass. But is there any reason we need to listen to him? He’s going to die anyway,  right?

Look. I (we) just don’t see the horror in that. I mean, BIG DEAL. An offhand comment in a private White House meeting showing a touch of callousness for war hero John as he shuffles off this mortal coil…and the mainstream media chooses *that* of all things to have a hissy fit over? After a year and a half of Trump outrage, a nuclear explosion over a staffer that no one has ever heard of making a rough comment in the sweet and innocent land of Washington politics and that’s the best they have for this week’s two minutes of hate? Puleeeez.

Then, we’ll talk about something that actually matters: the recent turmoil in Gaza and a larger than usual number of people getting slaughtered either through their own fault or because of the insidious Israelis. Is this Jack Ryan making revenge his mission in life times ten thousand? Or is this – and the move of the embassy – the beginning of the end of strife in the Middle East (we’ll believe *that* when we see it)? We will analyze.

Caution! You are about….wait….no that’s someone else’s gig. Forgot who.

Our shower thoughts, YES! We talk about hallucinogenic drugs and whether they give us insight into the phenomenon of human consciousness. Our hidden gem: Joe Hisaishi: Tenkuu no Shiro: Laputa. Enjoy!

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  1. Todd Feinburg Contributor
    Todd Feinburg

    Our best edition of the podcast in months.

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