Belichick, Brady and Trump

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for February 7, 2017 it’s the Belichick, Brady and Trump edition of the podcast. We are brought to you this week by our newest sponsor (we are excited) The Great Courses Plus. They have over 8,000 video lectures on a wide assortment of topics. Learn something new today! And we are brought to you by Find the right candidates for the jobs you have to offer, fast!

Well, sorry to the rest of the country, but up here in Boston there is one thing on our minds. The Pats have won again! The Duck Boats will soon be rolling! It’s a victory so exciting that we can’t remember when we have…er,…felt this good…before??? Ooohhhh yeah! Last November it was! Did you watch the game? Any Patriots haters out there?

Our second topic for today will be the Trump Administration travel ban that was in, then out, then in, then out again, against seven predominantly Muslim countries that seem to be sketchy places. Our focus will be the judiciary and the main point we debate is this: are the endless court challenges to everything that the Trump Administration introduces (which we can anticipate) merely hurting the Left? Or will they be more than a nuisance? Can the Left legitimately shut down the activity of the entire Trump Administration with a sufficiently energized swarm of judicial flies? We will discuss.

Finally, Donald Trump the gourmet…the foodie…the health food nut…the fast food junkie! What are the Trumpster’s favorite foods? (Oreo cookies are now, of course, out).

We will have, as always, our shower thoughts (is your cat trying to kill you…Todd is utterly unamused) and our hidden gem this week is from the Hayao Miyazaki film Tenkuu no Shiro, Rapuuta (Laputa, Castle in the Sky) by composer Joe Hisaishi, the title track Castle in the Sky. (sorry, got his name wrong in the podcast).

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The Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast is brought to you by our newest sponsor, The Great Courses Plus.

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  1. Guruforhire Inactive

    I am looking forward to the new grand mac.

    The big mac and a real coke is my goto not having a good day comfort meal.  The big mac really is absolute proof that god loves us.

    • #1
  2. EugeneKriegsmann Member

    I enjoyed the “Hidden Gem”. I have been very surprised by Asian music, particularly that of Japan and China. It is so “western”. A favorite piece of mine, that I listen to less frequently than I would like to due to the fact that I only have it on vinyl, is “Little Sisters of the Grassland” Concerto for Pipa and Orchestra by Wu Tsu-Chiang. The recording I have was done by Seiji Ozawa conducting the Boston Symphony Orchestra in the People’s Republic of China in 1979. It is an amazingly beautiful piece which could easily be part of the soundtrack for a John Ford western.

    • #2
  3. JLocked Inactive

    The Great Courses has been a celebrated part of my life for more than 25 years. They convinced me at the ripe age of 11 to become a History major — truly a wonderful addition to your sponsors.

    That said, Harvard still sucks.

    • #3
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