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Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for January 2, 2017, this is, my god I can’t believe it, our century mark podcast. Yep, podcast number 100! And as grandiose as that is, we have an equally grandiose theme, it’s the Back to Camelot edition of the podcast, brought to you by ZipRecruiter. If your business is giving you headaches because you can’t find the right candidates for the wonderful jobs you have to offer, take a look at

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This week, our three topics are “Jackie,” the new movie (in theaters now) starring Natalie Portman and directed by Pablo Larrain. Was Jackie’s obsession with sculpting the JFK legacy by stuffing his funeral with fluff and pageantry the ironically appropriate obsession to commemorate a presidency which was (was it not?) characterized more by pageantry than any particular accomplishments? What was Camelot really about, eh?

And we’ll talk about the Obama Administration’s last minute stiff arm to Netanyahu and Israel by allowing the UN scolding to become international law (rather than vetoing it as we have done for similar things in the past). So now the Wailing Wall is officially “occupied territory.” What is the UN for, anyway? Is it only for having a bunch of despotic Israel-hating regimes pass endless resolutions only to be vetoed by the US? Is there anything constructive that we can get from it?

Finally, gender-neutral baby names – who doesn’t love them? Why saddle your children, before they are ready to make their own choice, with this masculine feminine dichotomy? How gauche! Some enlightened city in England is now asking parents to ask their 4 year olds, before sending them off to school, what gender they identify with? or whether they identify with any gender at all? What could go wrong?

We will have, as always, our shower thoughts and, in spite of Todd’s loathing of musicals in general, he makes an exception in the case of Camelot! So listen all the way to the end of the podcast for a fabulous rendition of “Camelot” from a 1978 performance by the one and only Richard Burton.

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  1. connorfamilyr1 Coolidge

    Love the podcast, keep up the good work. So glad I can find you guys on Ricochet!

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  2. Michael Stopa Contributor
    Michael Stopa

    connorfamilyr1 (View Comment):
    Love the podcast, keep up the good work. So glad I can find you guys on Ricochet!

    Thanks for the good vibes! This kind of comment makes it all worthwhile.

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  3. OmegaPaladin Moderator

    It appears you did do podcast 37.

    This is a quality podcast.

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