Fox News’ Janice Dean brings the heat against Andrew Cuomo and CNN’s neglect in the way they covered (or didn’t cover) the New York governor’s conduct during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Amazing Race and Tough as Nails creator and host Phil Keoghan celebrates America’s blue-collar heroes in his new reality competition show.

Host and Creator of Tough as Nails on CBS
Host of Amazing Race on CBS
Keoghan joins Larry O’Connor to discuss the success of his new reality show “Tough as Nails” which celebrates tradesmen and tradeswomen, blue-collar workers who make the country function. The interview reflects the celebration of the hard-working men and women that the show, itself glorifies.

Senior Meteorologist, Fox News
As the media narrative surrounding Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s controversial mismanagement of New York during the covid-19 pandemic, Dean, an outspoken critic of Cuomo’s decisions, discusses the governor’s conduct at yesterday’s press conference and the possibility of a criminal investigation.

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