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  1. John Hanson Thatcher
    John Hanson

    Need someone who will stop Critical Race Theory, stop censoring of conservative positions, and support a capitalist economy, that gets government out of our way, and never compromises with liberals unless the compromise moves the baseline to the right.   One has to understand that every compromise that moves at all leftwards is a complete loss.   Stop with the idea that since one is elected to government, one must pass new laws, or spend more money, and focus on shrinking government, being the US first, so defending economic activity and jobs here, but not through massive government support programs that only cement a loss of individual freedoms.  Essentially support the individual, not groups.  Defend  and support property rights in the same sense as our other rights.

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  2. Bishop Wash Member
    Bishop Wash

    The question was asked about how Trump would be treated if he showed signs of dementia as former Vice President Biden is. I got a taste this week on Twitter. I had a recommended tweet and could only see the first few words. One of them was DEMENTIA. I clicked figuring it was about Biden. Nope, it was some Leftist I didn’t recognize shouting that Trump must have dementia because he was in a disheveled suit.

    Today Comfortably Smug came up with “Democracy Dies In Dementia”. Some of the replies are “well it must have died in the late eighties” or “where were you the last four years?”. Trump had some gaffes but I only remember Democrats pointing out that Trump’s father had Alzheimer’s so we should watch for it with him. The clip comparing Biden and Reagan telling the same joke to the Coast Guard at roughly the same age tells a different story too.

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  3. ToryWarWriter Thatcher

    State Senator Doug Mastriano, is likely the next Governor of PA, and my nominee for another Trump successor.

    Here he is being interviewed a few weeks ago.

    Only has like 7 master degrees,










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  4. Paul Coolidge

    Cool times

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  5. HansLudwig Coolidge

    So, God willing, what time next week are Bethany & Jon going to do the thing?

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  6. Full Size Tabby Member
    Full Size Tabby

    Of course the guys want to see the fried mouse. High probability your sons would also want to see it. 

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