Hillsdale College Radio General Manager and Radio Free Hillsdale Hour Host Scot Bertram is in for Jim. Today, Scot and Greg serve up three crazy martinis ranging from Capitol Hill to women’s sports to the high school classroom.

First, they sigh as some House Republicans vow to move forward on trying to remove House Speaker Mike Johnson over his handling of the House agenda – and what his critics call passing the Democrats’ agenda. There are valid criticisms of Johnson’s decisions, positions, and priorities on some issues, but what would removing another Speaker of the House accomplish now, when Republicans have an even smaller majority than they did when Johnson was elected?

Next, they roll their eyes as President Biden and others on the left try to pander to women by demanding WNBA players get equal pay with the men in the NBA. Of course the big wage disparity has nothing to do with the sex of the players but whether their league is profitable. The NBA makes billions of dollars each year. The WNBA has lost money for its entire existence.

Finally, they highlight the case of a North Carolina high school student who was suspended for three days for asking his teacher whether the word “alien” in his vocabulary lesson referred to space aliens or people who come into the U.S. with no green cards.

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