Join Jim and Greg as they serve up three important martinis, with Sen. Fetterman providing another pleasant surprise, Donald Trump stirring up the abortion debate on the right, and President Biden getting called out over his handling of the Middle East crisis.

First, they cheer Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman for blasting the notion that squatters have any right to live on property they don’t own and have no permission to stay on. He also rips soft-on-crime policies.

Next, they dissect Donald Trump’s announcement on his abortion stance. While agreeing with Trump that the Democrats’ agenda – of taxpayer funded abortions up to the moment of birth and even allowing babies to die after surviving abortions – is the far more radical position on the issue, they’re also critical of Trump’s “follow your heart” advice on abortion in the states for a number of reasons.

Finally, they chide The Dispatch for a pretty weak case that President Biden has kept his focus on the Americans being held hostage by Hamas in Gaza. While it’s true that Biden has addressed the despicable abductions, it’s not very often and there’s an easy way to tell how much public attention the White House and the media want to give this issue.

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  1. GlennAmurgis Coolidge

    Fetterman has been a surprise, the dispatch has not.

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