Join Jim and Greg as they sound off on some good news out of the House of Representatives and some really crazy news about taxpayer-funded media and President Biden’s latest whoppers.

First, they’re glad to see a big bipartisan majority in the House of Representatives vote to declare the Iran-backed Houthis to be a “Foreign Terrorist Organization” again. If the Senate also passes it, Jim and Greg hope Biden will the sign the bill and not stubbornly stick to his decision to reverse President Trump designation of the Houthis as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

Then, they wince as National Public Radio (NPR) basically forces longtime editor Uri Berliner out after he publicly scolded NPR for engaging in partisan politics by stifling stories like the Hunter Biden laptop and the origins of COVID while reporting Rep. Adam Schiff’s version of the Trump-Russia investigation as the truth. Instead, leaders there are proving most of Berliner’s accusations true and embracing leftist narratives. They also recoil at a TED Talk that new NPR CEO Katherine Maher delivered about how we all have our own truths and that building consensus is more important than pursuing truth.

Finally, they groan as President Biden repeatedly tells the thoroughly disproven story of his uncle allegedly getting by cannibals in New Guinea during World War II. And Biden also claims he told Israel not to go into Haifa – which is an Israeli city. But Jim says the statement is also very  problematic on another level.

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