President Biden is once again touting his unconstitutional efforts to transfer the student loan debt from those who took out the loans to the taxpayers who did not. It’s not just illegal, it’s immoral. And there are much better ways to address the problem. Today, Jim and Greg examine three different areas worthy of much more attention.

First, they cheer Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for arguing that colleges and universities should back up the cost of student loans if their graduates are not able to find jobs with high enough salaries to pay them back. He says it’s not only right because the schools benefit immensely from student loans but it would also force schools to focus on subjects in which their students can find good jobs.

Next, they also welcome their friend Inez Stepman’s idea of taxing the endowments of colleges and universities, instead of allowing schools to treat them like hedge funds. Beyond that, they implore Republicans to come up with a coherent message other than opposition to what Biden is doing. Americans are furious about Biden’s shifting of this debt onto the rest of taxpayers, but without an actual plan to address the problem, Republicans are not doing taxpayers or themselves any favors.

Finally, they note the coming higher education “enrollment cliff,” as the number of high school graduates is expected to drop considerably in the next few years. Will that refocus the priorities of these universities? And how will greater interest in trade schools impact all of this?

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  1. kedavis Coolidge

    It’s only fair, though, that if someone’s student loans get “forgiven” either by “the government” (i.e., the rest of us) or by the schools, they should not be able to claim to have a college degree.  Their school record should be erased/expunged.

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