Iran attacked Israel over the weekend, and Jim and Greg break down the good, bad, and crazy elements of this huge story.

First, they reject the notion that this was a largely symbolic attack from Iran – supposedly because everyone knew Iran’s weapons would not get past the missile defense capabilities in the region. But Jim points out that you don’t send hundreds of missiles and hundreds of drones if your effort is symbolic. They also chafe at reports that Biden (through Turkish intermediaries) told Iran to keep any attacks “within certain limits.” And they point out that Iran once again rejected Biden’s feeble insistence of “don’t” when asked about Iranian aggression.

Next, they cheer the excellence of execution by the U.S., Great Britain, Israel, Jordan, and even Saudi Arabia in thwarting the Iranian attack with missile defense and other collaboration. And they take a moment to give credit to the man who insisted on pursuing missile defense more than 40 years ago despite the derision of Democrats and the media – President Ronald Reagan.

Finally, they groan as Biden tells Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to respond against Iran because the missile defense operation resulted in “a win” for Israel. That’s not how this works.

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  1. kedavis Coolidge

    Jordan, Saudi Arabia etc, join in defending Israel from Iran?


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