We’ve all heard the stereotypes about Millennials: They’re jobhoppers, they’re unhappy, they’re unmarried, they’re obsessed with brunch, etc. But how many of these are true, and how many of them are just made-up? To find out, Jack invites Lyman Stone, himself a Millennial, onto the show to use his expertise in demography and sociology to sort fact from fiction.

(Closing music excerpts “Why Generation” by FILDAR.)

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Published in: Culture

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  1. Burwick Chiffswiddle Member
    Burwick Chiffswiddle


    I’ll now take my beloved toaster to brunch. Afterward, the two of us will enjoy a dip in the pool.

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  2. Texmoor Coolidge

    Great interview! Lyman makes a lot of sense to this older millennial even though I’m over 30.

    Check out Lyman’s Lutheran work too!

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