In light of the recent allegations, Rich, Reihan, Charlie, and Michael focus this episode of The Editors on a discussion of all things Kavanaugh.

Editors’ picks:
• Rich: And excerpt from Reihan’s new book, coming out in the next magazine issue.
• Reihan: J.J.’s column on editorial cartoons, which contains a devastating line.
• Charlie: Rich’s piece today on Kavanaugh.
• MBD: McCarthy on Dems and GOP Judicial Nominations.

Light items:
• Rich: His daughter going through a phase of begging him to stay home from work.
• Reihan: Greek cheeses.
• Charlie: Vintage recording equipment.
• MBD: The Best of Yé-Yé, a classic French Pop music playlist on Apple Music.

The Editors is hosted by Rich Lowry and produced by Sarah Schutte.

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  1. HeavyWater Inactive

    Another great podcast from The Editors of NR. 

    The accusations made by Dr. Ford appear transparently bogus, especially considering the kind of life Brett Kavanaugh has lived.  Very few people engage in sexual assault at age 17 and then go on to live pristine lives of high academic achievement thereafter, with no backsliding into criminality.

    The show is over.  Let’s vote.

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  2. Michael Shaw Thatcher
    Michael Shaw

    Anyone may make an accusation against anybody any time. Richard Feynman, noted physicist and Nobel laureate, after reviewing an hypothesis of a student remarked that his paper was so bad it was not even wrong. What he meant was that his thesis was not falsifiable. It is for the person making an assertion to provide proof for the assertion otherwise it is worthless. Dr. Ford’s accusation against Kavanaugh is so worthless it is not even wrong.

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  3. Charlotte Member

    During the discussion about the listener asking for advice for young journalists, I had an old-person-get-off-my-lawn moment. College students should be politely but firmly told that they have little of value to add to the broader political debate. Why on Earth would I be interested in a 20-year-old English major’s view on free trade? Go be a reporter. Learn things. Ask questions. Write about the things you learn. Get some life experience before offering your opinion on anything important.

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  4. DonG Coolidge

    FYI, I’ve only heard “boof” used once.  It was 1985 and it meant to throw up.  At the time, it was a very memorable statement.  I think the guy that said it was from Connecticut.   YMMV.

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