New School Shooting Horror, Same Old Questions

Another horrific school shooting, and another news cycle filled with the same old cliches. Is there a way out?

Jay Caruso of the Dallas Morning News stops liberal talking points with a simple two-word tweet

And Liz Faucahantas Warren is at it again, and I’m joined by a Cherokee genealogist–and Brian Kilmeade of Fox and Friends–to call her out.

Plus--A special request for your comments on the Confession Hotline: 617-903-8255. Is there something new to be said about guns, the Second Amendment and/or mass shootings? Please share it, and it will be part of the conversation on tomorrow’s podcast.

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  1. colleenb Member

    What is it about Liz Warren and her emotionalism?  I think she must secretly hate her family for all the crying she does over her Pa-Pa, Me-Maw etc.  All the ‘professionals’ diagnosing Trump from afar need to look at her.  I hope, hope, hope she has done enough damage with the fake Native American claim to scotch her ever being the Democratic candidate for president but I doubt it.  Good show as usual Michael.

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  2. FredGoodhue Coolidge

    Instead of the no-fly-list, perhaps Senator Kennedy should have been on the no-drive-list.

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  3. Mrs. Ink Member
    Mrs. Ink

    (1) Involuntary commitment laws should be changed. Right now, a person cannot be locked up and treated unless and until they commit a crime, so they are free to terrorize and threaten their families and communities, if they are older than eighteen years. They are also free to destroy their assets and families through alcoholism and drug addiction. Revising involuntary commitment laws would be a great help in preventing violent crimes, and would allow families and communities to get help treating mentally ill persons who resist treatment.

    I suspect that changing involuntary commitment laws will never happen, because the Left likes huge homeless populations, and the chaos that disturbed people cause. They also like having a gun control club to beat us with whenever one of the disturbed shoots up a school. The Left wants Americans disarmed, because they want total control of the population. They especially want any  one who won’t toe the Progressive line driven out of our jobs and society in general, they want us subservient or dead, and they cannot achieve these aims if we are armed.

    Revising involuntary commitment laws would help get the most dangerously ill people into treatment, because their families and communities usually know when people are severely disturbed. This would be easier and far cheaper than trying to add a psychotropic medicine restriction to the current NICs process, because there are far fewer truly disturbed people than there are people taking psychotropic drugs. The NICs questionnaire already asks if you are taking illegal drugs.

    (2) If Sen. Warren truly believes that she is a Native American, why does she not take a DNA test and publish the results? The tests are not perfect, but there is sufficient difference between Native American and European genomes to tell if she has Native American ancestry.


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