Do Not Pass “Go”

On this week’s episode James and Toby react to the PM’s announcement of a second round of restrictions in the fight against Covid-19. There are now three levels of restrictions and – spoiler alert – there are no levels that are free from restrictions.

So, we have more lockdowns and at what cost? Cancer specialist Angus Dalgleish recounted the suicide – of not one but two – of his colleagues in an article in the Daily Mail over the weekend. There is hope in the Great Barrington Declaration, that is, if Big Tech decides not to find a reason to squash it.

And that’s not the only speech on the chopping block. This week Scotland Yard decided that if someone said something considered “hateful” in an interview then it must be the fault of the interviewer.

And to round out the show Toby decides to censor himself. The cuck.

This week’s opening sound is from the PM’s press conference.


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There are 3 comments.

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  1. ToryWarWriter Reagan

    I dont think Big Tech was censoring the GBD.  It looks like the scientists didnt know how to manage Google settings very well.

    GBD is now the ‘banner ad’ spot on Google.  I think you pay for that position.  So not everything is a tech conspiracy.  Its just people not knowing how to manage their website.  Now they have learned.

    • #1
  2. James Gawron Inactive
    James Gawron

    Mr. Delingpole and Mr. Young,

    Do you think the Great Barrington Declaration caused the W.H.O. to “hear footsteps” and finally stop endorsing the lockdown madness? That’s a lot of scientific “heavy hitters” who signed the thing. Maybe the W.H.O. decided which side of the bread its butter was really on and stopped smelling the Chinese money.

    Something happened.



    • #2
  3. William Laing Inactive
    William Laing

    All the London Callings are great, but: quit with the “cuck” thing. Has become unfunny. 

    Best wishes,


    • #3
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