On this latest episode with special guest John Podhoretz subbing in for Victorino Matus, the gang talks “Greyhound.” Sonny wonders if the deal between AMC and Universal means the death of theaters. And JVL asks J-Pod for two very special rankings.

On this latest episode with special guest Mary Katharine Ham subbing in for JVL, we discuss Showgirls and the documentary You Don’t Nomi. We kid you not. Sonny recalls dancing to the ice cream truck. Mary Katharine faked playing Ms. Pac-Man. And Vic has loads of transitions. Plus Saved by the Bell rankings!

In this latest episode sponsored by Gabi and Keeps, we discuss Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton on Disney Plus. Sonny explains why he hates musicals but loves cheap riesling. JVL reveals his theatrical past, even though he hates the theater. Vic wonders why people keep mistaking him for someone else. Plus a ranking of the Founders and Madeleine Stowe!

In this latest episode sponsored Gabi and DoorDash, we discuss the British gangster flick Layer Cake. JVL explains why it’s one of his favorite movies of the 2000s. Sonny ponders a return to movie theaters. Vic offers a rest stop ranking—pandemic edition! Plus Gout Watch 2020!

In this Very Special Episode sponsored by Tommy John, we review the Italian-Canadian rom-com Little Italy. Oofah, how did this movie ever get made? JVL finds Emma Roberts irresistable. Sonny ranks the movie’s stereotypes, from best to worst. Vic resists wearing pants to the office. Plus Sonny reassures us he is fine.

In this latest episode sponsored by Tommy John and DoorDash, we discuss the indie-horror film The Lighthouse starring Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson. Sonny liked it, obviously. Vic didn’t understand it, obviously. JVL rediscovers his HD DVD player. Plus advice on where to buy fancy faucets!

In this latest episode, we review Under the Silver Lake starring Andrew Garfield. Sonny and JVL can’t stop gushing about it. Vic could not make sense of it. We also discuss the new Tenet trailer. And JVL questions the racial stereotyping on pizza boxes.

In this latest episode sponsored by Tommy John, we discuss Capone starring Tom Hardy. JVL goes back to the beach—and so do the Bennies! Vic goes the wrong way in a supermarket. Sonny gets his fill of Buffalo Trace. Plus figuring out how to play craps during a pandemic. And an old friend returns to the show!

We discuss the soon-to-be-rereleased Flash Gordon. JVL calls it a psycho-sexual masterpiece. Sonny thought less of it. Vic explains why he’s recording in his basement. Plus ZZ Top lyrics explained!

In this latest episode, we discuss Val Kilmer, who has a new memoir, I’m Your Huckleberry. Of course we haven’t read it but that doesn’t stop us from discussing his films! Vic promises not to say his name. JVL shares his obsession with Calvin Klein. And Sonny talks about theaters reopening. Plus listener shout-outs!

In this latest episode, we discuss the new Netflix movie Extraction starring Chris Hemsworth. Sonny likes it enough, JVL finds it derivative, and Vic loves the grenade launcher. Sonny shares news about They Called Me Wyatt, a new book from Rebeller Media. JVL shares his conspiracy theory about graphing calculators. And Vic makes his own simple syrup.

We discuss the new Michael Jordan documentary The Last Dance. JVL calls it hagiography. Sonny loves Rick Fox. Vic struggles with his Dikembe Mutombo impression. Plus Guitar Hero, cassette tapes, and the true nature of The Batman!

In this latest episode we discuss the 20th anniversary of Gladiator. Could it be Ridley Scott’s best movie, Russell Crowe’s best role, or the best gladiator movie of all time? Let the rankings decide! Plus JVL gives Sonny an Easter quiz, Sonny talks Michael Biehn and Tombstone, and Vic shares his strategy for world domination.

We discuss the return of comedian Louis CK in Sincerely. JVL explains Wrestlemania amid a pandemic. Vic wants more free TV—a lot more. And Sonny suffers an Old Fashioned disaster. Plus Manhattans, movie releases, and Immobiliare!

On this latest episode sponsored by Warby Parker and DoorDash, we break down the Netflix docuseries Tiger King. JVL calls it an indictment against democracy. Vic calls it aspirational. Sonny discusses movie-making in the time of coronavirus. Plus JVL on family blackjack and Vic’s tips for hot bars (which may or may not come back).