Is it treason to criticize the president? If so, Mona and Jay are in big trouble. They also take swipes at Beto, Mayor Pete, farm subsidies, and more, while pausing to appreciate a Mr. Smith Goes to Washington moment. They end on a bittersweet note — this is the last regularly scheduled Need to Know.

Jay and Mona do tariffs, mercantilism, the NRA and other grifters, Harvard and Harvey Weinstein, the Uighers, and Franklin Graham’s stunning fundraising gambit.

Yes, Mona and Jay talk about Kate Smith, recently the victim of a terrible injustice. But they don’t play “God Bless America” at the end. They have Kate Smith in “I’ll Be Seeing You,” that classic (1938) by Fain and Kahal. In the course of the ’cast, they talk about Venezuela, Trump, Mueller, Bernie, and other topics that seize attention.

Law professor Adam White joins the podcast to discuss the Mueller report, the contours of obstruction, and our trend toward criminalizing matters that deserve political treatment. Jay and Mona then discuss Game of Thrones (briefly!), a midwestern heroine, and more.

Jay and Mona consider the days when Democrats were deregulators (truly), how great our air transport system is (truly), and cheating at golf, among many other things.

Music: Laura Dickinson, Come Fly With Me 

Jay and Mona pay tribute to a great French pilot and a tough Mossad agent. They also talk of Biden’s flaws, the Democrats’ drift, the Mueller report, and a great show — “1776.”

Music From This Week’s Show:  But Mr. Adams – 1776 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Atlantic’s David Frum joins to discuss his thoughtful article on limiting immigration. Jay and Mona then get sidetracked on several issues and have fun doing so.

Benjamin Parker of The Bulwark joins Jay and Mona to discuss the anti-Semitism kerfuffle in the Democratic Party, reparations for slavery, Joe Biden (how dare he call Mike Pence a nice guy), and the age issue.

Music from this week’s episode: “Sleeping Beauty” Waltz (Tchaikovsky)

Jay and Mona dissect the Cohen hearing, the Hanoi summit, Amy Klobuchar’s character, Netanyahu’s decline, and the last Nixon brother to pass away, before paying tribute to the great Andre Previn.

Lindsey Burke of Heritage joins to examine the Democrats’ proposals for universal pre-K. Jay and Mona then reflect on Ilhan Omar v. Elliott Abrams, Kamala Harris v. Neomi Rao, and Robert Kraft’s trouble.

Is that the standard now? Jay and Mona consider the travails of Virginia’s governor, Rep. Ilhan Omar, Elizabeth Warren and many others in this age of shame and shamelessness. They also talk Green New Deal, Kim Jong Un, and much more.

That was the past week. Jay and Mona cover it, with poll data, a little Starbucks, a little Medicare for All, and some reminiscences about the religion of anti-racism.

Beholding the government-shutdown fiasco, Jay recalls an old term: “goo-goo.” He and Mona discuss “the wall and the cave,” the Democratic field so far, and “The Three Amigos.” They also ask if the U.S. remains serious about NATO. Mona recounts a personal experience of Roger Stone.

Music from this week’s show: Fazil Say plays his famous jazz version of Mozart’s “Rondo alla turca,” live and in concert.

A loaded question. There is lots of agreement and some disagreement with this honest man. Then Jay and Mona launch into the news of the week: Bill Barr, the wall, Brexit, left-wing conspiracy theories, and a mini-debate about Ann Coulter.

Music from this week’s episode: Misirlou – Greek Version

Over the Wall, the R’s and the Dems are playing a game of chicken. That’s one thing Mona and Jay say about this shutdown drama. Who’s going to swerve away first? Is the border a genuine national emergency? Then our hosts talk about Tucker Carlson’s monologue heard ’round the world, or certainly ’round the Right, as Mona says: What are the limits of government? What can government do for people? What should it? Also included in this episode are the greatness of California (whatever its problems), the malice of dictators, the glory of music, and other vital subjects. Have a listen.

Music from this week’s episode: The Allegretto from Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7, played by the Cleveland Orchestra under George Szell

Elizabeth Warren is running. The Boston Globe’s Jeff Jacoby analyzes her “likeability” among other things with Mona. Jay joins later to talk about another Massachusettsite – or is it Utahite?

David French joins Jay and Mona to explode myths (“Flynn was framed!”) and analyze where things stand with a president unmoored. Secretary Mattis is gone, but Steven Miller goes on and on.

Jay is back. Mona and Jay lament the passing of the Weekly Standard, note the president’s ISO for COS, ask about the wall, talk a little Russia, a little Flynn, and Cohen, and praise the free press and Hedy Lamarr.

In this bonus episode, Mona and colleagues discuss the work of the late Bruce Cole – a believer in America who left a great legacy.

It sounds like a PR firm or a face cream, but it’s our two guests this week. Bloomberg’s Eli Lake sits in for Jay as co-host, and Eliana Johnson of Politico offers her insights on staff shake-ups at the White House. Eli and Mona then talk Russia, N. Korea, and climate. We got out to some music in honor of The Weekly Standard: