One guy grew up in redneckville, South Carolina. The other an affluent community in the suburbs of Boston. And both are having conversations with their male friends about the Kavanaugh story, sex and power. And what guys are saying in private about the Kavanaugh accusation is very different from the image of men, sex and brute force that’s being portrayed by the anti-Kavanaugh activists and their media allies.

And Heather Mac Donald talks about the data behind America’s alleged “sex assault crisis,” which she writes about in her new book, The Diversity Delusion.

Fox News’s Chris Stirewalt joins us “Behind the Blue Wall” to talk about the current state of American politics, the power of populism and his new book: Every Man A King.

Can the Right win without its populist wing? Is there a way to to “Populism” without the dark side?  Is Donald Trump part of the problem, or the solution?


Christopher Scalia is Antonin and Maureen Scalia’s eighth child and he’s the co-editor (with Ed Whalen) of the book Scalia Speaks:Reflections on Law, Faith and a Live Well Lived  Christopher offers his take–and speculates on his father’s reaction– to the “overblown circus show” of the first day of the Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Why won’t President Trump sing the praises of Sen. John McCain? Because he knows something the media don’t:

His base.

A new poll finding 40 percent of New Hampshire Republicans think a GOP primary for President Trump would be a good thing sparks comparisons to an incumbent Republican president in 1992 and a relatively unknown TV commentator.

What do Nazis, “macho gay men” and Massachusetts Republicans have in common? A self-inflicted blow of pro-Trump stupidity that you have to hear to believe.

The Academy Awards and ABC Disney are fighting back against failing ratings by creating a new category of Oscar: Films ‘you people” actually watched! It’s ham-fisted and wrong-headed, and who better to talk about it than Hollywood veteran actor, comedian and producer Paul Provenza (The Aristocrats; The Green Room; The Set List).

Paul’s a Hollywood Lefty but he’s still a good guy, and his story about Milton Berle’s dressing room is worth the price of admission by itself.


A new poll finds that 43 percent of Republicans believe President Trump “should have the authority to close news outlets engaged in bad behavior,” while a similar percentage of Democrats would support a law mandating legal consequences for people who refuse to use someone’s preferred pronouns.

While the November midterms look tough for the GOP congress, Republican governors are the GOP’s 2018 good news–particularly in blue states like Massachusetts and New Hampshire. What’s their secret sauce? We have experts from both those states offering their insights.

And what the heck happened to VT’s Republican star Gov. Phil Scott–who had the biggest popularity plunge ever measured by Morning Consult polling? All the deets are in the podcast.

Great news for Joe Queenan fans–he’s here! On the Behind The Blue Wall podcast talking Trump, Catholics, Hillary Clinton the culture war and–oddly–acupuncture. Plus why Joe Queenan believes Billy Joel is the Anti-Christ.

And columnist (and author of the new book “Militant Normals”) Kurt Schlichter makes the case for the Right abandoning the principle of free speech in favor of what he calls the “Poison Gas Theory of Politics.”

Live from Martha’s Vineyard, it’s the comedic stylings (and Constitutional insights) of Alan Dershowitz. He talks about his new book, “The Case Against Impeaching Trump,” life for a liberal “turncoat” on Martha’s Vineyard, and why he believes the Left hasn’t “abandoned” the fundamental principle of free speech. (It’s a trick answer–don’t miss it!)

Also, Boston Democrats want to give non-citizens the right to vote, while in New Hampshire they want  non-New Hampshire residents voting there, too.  Is it craven politics, or do Democrats really have such little respect for democracy?

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Andrew McCarthy of National Review on why Kavanaugh was perhaps the perfect Supreme Court pick, and he destroys the arguments of Trump extremists calling the judge “Pro-Obamacare” and a Bushie squish.

In a special 4th of July week edition of the podcast, we talk about the big Supreme Court news with Weekly Standard legal beagle Adam J. White (also of the Hoover Institution and the Scalia School of Law).

Historian Robert Allison returns to explain why New England is the best place in American to celebrate Independence Day.

Charles Krauthammer’s longtime friend and colleague Bill Kristol on why there isn’t another Krauthammer in American politics, and what made him different.

Longtime media warrior Brian Maloney on battling bias from the wrong side of the Blue Wall, and an amazing statistic about New England politics.

Just in time for Father’s Day weekend, the Behind the Blue Wall podcast brings you some of the most terrible and culturally unacceptable advice on being a dad ever recorded. In other words, it’s 100% honest.

The editorial page editor of the Boston Herald and four-time father Tom Shattuck (aka “The Great And Powerful Tom” of radio fame) talks about what it’s really like to be a dad, particularly when you’re someone who doesn’t like kids.

Ranked voting, a rebel movement at Yale and remembering a wonderful moment with Charles Krauthamer–it’s all in this edition of the Behind The Blue Wall podcast.

Matt Gagnon of the Maine Heritage Policy Center (and a local radio talk host, too!) explains the “ranked-choice voting system” Maine will be using this Tuesday in their state elections–and why he thinks it’s insane.

Political operative and former comms guy for two different Scott Brown US Senate races (in two different states!) Colin Reed talks about the political lessons the GOP can learn for the 2018 midterms from popular GOP governors in the liberal northeast like Charlie Baker (MA); Chris Sununu (NH) and Phil Scott (VT).

Plus, how do you spell “feminism?” With a “C” if you’re Samantha Bee.

New England broadcasting legend and media gadfly VB (yes, that’s his name) is on this edition of the Behind The Blue Wall podcast, helping your humble host navigate his way through the gender wars of the liberal Northeast. We talk Hillary Clinton, Harvey Weinstein and Morgan Freeman…and suddenly realize that would be the beginning of a HELL of a joke.

We also debate the NFL “national anthem” policy, and VB almost brings the entire conversation to an abrupt end by using a word that should be kept away from your children (but not for reasons you think). Oh, and President Ronald Reagan makes a cameo appearance to help settle a language issue.

Jennifer Horn is a former state chair of the NH GOP, and current co-chair of the NH Log Cabin Republicans. She was kicked out of last week’s state convention in part because her fellow Republicans did not want to debate her proposal to change the state party platform over the issue of marriage equality.  She joins us on the BTBW podcast to make her case and to defend Gov. Chris Sununu’s decision to sign a bill banning “transgender discrimination” in the Granite State.

Speaking of marriage, we also talk Royal Wedding….

“What people in New England who hate Trump are really saying is ‘I make over $100 grand a year and I have a graduate degree.'”

So says Fox News host Tucker Carlson in this bonus edition of the Behind The Blue Wall podcast. He also talks about his family’s connections to Maine, the bizarre story of the book-banning “bookstore,” and why you’ll never hear the phrase “I can’t believe you said that” from him.

The brilliant Chris Caldwell of The Weekly Standard makes a reluctant-but-brilliant appearance on the podcast, live from the Ricochet Podcast Summit at AEI.

We also talk about a two-word joke told on an elevator that made international news thanks to a nutty Massachusetts feminist.