Steve settles in with some Japanese whisky while “Lucretia” abandons her “whisky cougar” ways with a bona fide Glenlivet 18 so we can celebrate Amy Coney Barrett’s start turn driving Democrats to embarrass themselves last week. The hearings illustrate what’s wrong with the “side of history” liberals, as expressed in an especially lazy column from Nick Kristof in the New York Times, and a series of coordinated tweets from Democrats trying to assail constitutional originalism, but mostly succeeding only in exposing their own invincible ignorance.

The main event of this episode is reviewing our pick for Article of the Week, Bari Weiss’s essay “Stop Being Shocked” in The Tablet. It’s a great essay, with its bracing warning of the existential threat to Jews from the new illiberalism, but it has two problems: it get Trump wrong (though Lucretia proposes that this may be tactical cleverness), and its focus on the precariousness of Jews under the rising assault from the social justice left may not go far enough in forecasting the menace facing everyone. Guess who foresaw the problem of the Jews a decaying liberal democracy 60 years ago? Yup, that L– S—— guy again.

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  1. RebeccaCoffey Thatcher

    Thank Goodness you posted this now!  I was hoping to listen to something interesting while I worked. 

    Happy Birthday to Steven!

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  2. OccupantCDN Coolidge

    OK, so Roe V Wade was about protecting abortion by saying you had to privacy to consult with your doctor.

    Obamacare, stomps all over this privacy.

    All things in politics are named ironically – The Clean Air Act is about how dirty the air can be, is the prime example. HIPA isn’t about your medical privacy – its about the standards where your medical information can be shared.

    Either Obamacare or Roe is constitutional – both cannot be.

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  3. colleenb Member

    Great discussion between Lucretia and Steve. I just loving listening to the two of them. It’s like listening to your smart friends – or just a group of Ricochetti!

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