It’s a jam packed special new episode of HWX, with Brian Ward and Paul Happe reconvening to discuss the critical issues of the day. Topics addressed include:

* Garrison Keillor’s latest love note to conservatives via a column the Washington Post. We analyze the history of Keillor’s withering rhetoric to his political enemies. Plus, our own attempts at writing a Garrison Keillor political insult, with Dueling Garrisons.

* An episode of Fake News, featuring National Public Radio. NPR interviewed new Congressman Jason Lewis, and chose to set the agenda with a series of false accusations and general nonsense that happened to fit their narrative.

* We go back In the Bubble, to hear Bruce Springsteen and Marc Maron discuss their 

fear and panic over Republicans getting elected.

* Also, a special announcement of a new musical tour launching in 2017, the Four Ricochet Tin Ears Paul Happe, Pat Sajak, Brian Ward, and Rob Long – destined to shatter box office records and ear drums around the nation.


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There are 8 comments.

  1. kylez Member

    That Keillor stuff was hilarious. Almost knocked my RV over, scaring a spotted owl away in the process. Thanks for the laugh.

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    • January 20, 2017, at 11:30 PM PDT
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  2. MisterSirius Member

    I agree with @kylez

    Long time listener to HWX, first time comment (IIRC). That sidekick duck was super funny. Surprise factor? Maybe. And yet …. and yet … the duck had such a … vocabulary … Well done!

    • #2
    • January 21, 2017, at 12:16 PM PDT
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  3. Brian Ward Contributor

    I think Myron the Mallard is the next NPR breakout star. I hear he’s being groomed as the next host of Fresh Air after Terry Gross retires.

    • #3
    • January 21, 2017, at 12:42 PM PDT
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  4. Podkayne of Israel Member

    I so enjoyed the extra bonus Paul Happe vocal numbers. You two really must do more Garrison Keillor.

    • #4
    • January 21, 2017, at 1:34 PM PDT
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  5. Rightfromthestart Coolidge

    Would they be surprised to find out that one currently successful children’s book author is, the devil incarnate himself , El Rushbo.

    • #5
    • January 21, 2017, at 2:29 PM PDT
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  6. MisterSirius Member

    Brian Ward (View Comment):
    I think Myron the Mallard is the next NPR breakout star. I hear he’s being groomed as the next host of Fresh Air after Terry Gross retires.

    Uh oh, “groomed,” that’s a trigger word now (post Rotherham PedPloitation). Careful!

    • #6
    • January 21, 2017, at 2:33 PM PDT
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  7. Kim K. Member

    Listened to this while walking the dog. The Myron the Mallard sound effects had me laughing out loud. The looks I received made me realize, again, that I should not listen to this podcast in public if I want to avoid people thinking I’m nuts.

    • #7
    • January 21, 2017, at 4:35 PM PDT
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  8. Hartmann von Aue Member

    Pat Sajack’s vocal stylings were unforgettable.

    • #8
    • January 24, 2017, at 1:37 AM PDT
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