Hollywood Hell

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for January 10, 2017, it’s the Hollywood Hell edition of the podcast – number 101 – brought to you by ZipRecruiter and Simplisafe.

It’s hard to get past Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe slam of Donald Trump. That is one hurtin’ woman. Put Hollywood together with academia, Wall Street and Silicon Valley (just check this out!), shake, and try to strain out a single Trump supporter. Good luck!  Mike posits that Hollywood celebrities and university physicists have some salient points in common.

Next, Jorge Ramos and Univision lead the Latino charge of the light brigade. Where are los secuaces (the minions)? Could it be that some American Hispanics don’t think that amnesty for lawbreakers is a good idea no matter what color their skin is?

Finally: to repeal or not to repeal? To repeal now or later, or to replace now and repeal later? Rand Paul is a doctor. What does he think?

As usual, we’ll have our shower thoughts (only one this time) and our hidden gem for the week is Ray Bolger and Judy Garland performing “If I only had a brain.”

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