On today’s episode of COVID in 19, Avik Roy of FREOPP and Scott Immergut of Ricochet talk about the latest COVID stats — why is California, a lockdown state, seeing a rise in cases while Texas declines?

Why are Democrats mad about President Trump tapping Scott Atlas for his Coronavirus Task Force?

Catch Scott Atlas on the Uncommon Knowledge podcast here: The Doctor Is In: Scott Atlas And The Efficacy Of Lockdowns, Social Distancing, And Closings

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  1. Stephen Richter Inactive
    Stephen Richter

    two unasked and unanswered questions here are why has Scott Atlas not been appointed to this advisory panel until now?  And why is the paper antigen test not already in place?  Watch medcram and Dr Mena on this week in virology, both on YouTube for the explanation of why this test is so promising.  While it could be a huge medical break thru, politically the paper test is a great way to show the public that the Trump admin is attacking and winning against the virus, the media and the democrats. 

    The TWIV people say the paper test is not in place because the FDA and CDC are withholding some approval or something. Not sure if that is true, but what about operation warp speed? You know, trying multiple approaches, eliminating red tape, spare no expense.

    The election is in 10 weeks. People are early voting sooner than that.  What is the point of getting Scott Atlas to advise the president at this point?  If he could help he should have been in place months ago.  Trump has to be able to announce major progress on the virus at the republican convention. A vaccine that is ready to go. Having the paper antigen test in place to enable daily testing of school children and teachers as they enter the school building would have been a great thing. 


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  2. colleenb Member

    Thanks for all the information and facts.

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    Cases are something to monitor but not worry about.

    It’s about hospitalizations and ICU patients and their age.

    The objective of flattening the economy… I mean, the curve, is to not overwhelm hospitals.


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    Regarding cases, we never hear what the average age is and what percent display no symptoms


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